Writing strengths and weaknesses in resume

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Writing strengths and weaknesses in resume

Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Individual strengths and weaknesses Everyone has different personal strengths Writing strengths and weaknesses in resume personal weakness, which help in forming who he or she is as a person.

Besides, personal strengths and personal weaknesses influence the way we live our lives, whom we socialize with, the ways we socialize and most importantly, our individual careers. To this effect, it is important to ensure that one builds upon their given individual strengths and ensures that they try as much as possible to reduce their personal weaknesses to ensure that they achieve the most out of life.

Through this, I will provide an analysis of my strengths, weakness, the influence they have in my working lives, and the action that I am taking on them.

One of my personal strengths pertains critical thinking. Critical thinking is a fundamental aspect of life today as well as the industrial world today. Having a strong suit in critical thinking implies that a personally thinks beyond the box others might be caged in and therefore, this means that the individual can come up with solutions to different problems.

Critical thinking has positively affected my career because it has allowed me to have many opportunities in my professional life considering that many bosses today adore and greatly desire someone with the ability to think critically. Nevertheless, the significant aspect of mine has a detrimental side, which involves completely delinking all my feelings and emotions from the decisions I make.

Therefore, such a detriment means that it is easy for me to lose sight of the decisions I make because I delink myself completely and if the decisions hurt others, this tends not to concern me at all. Having garnered an understanding of this, I have made it my point to ensure always that when making decisions that involve others in my line of work, that I include them in the decision-making process to ensure fairness is executed.

My personal strengths and weaknesses The other strength that I have is being thorough in all my undertakings.

I always ensure that I do not leave any stone unturned and it is to this effect, that I always tend to be a perfectionist. Such a strength when pumped overboard tends to become quickly a weakness known as perfectionism. The said either might positively or negatively affect my professional work.

The two sides of the coin exist because perfectionism depending may be bad and good primarily on the situation at hand. To this effect, having realized this, I always ensure that I do not get obsessed with achieving perfection in my various undertakings since they can take a significant toll on my work and me.

My ultimate strength pertains observing increased levels of discipline in everything I do.

Writing strengths and weaknesses in resume

The detriment of this pertains being too demanding as well as too rigid. The influence that both this strength and weakness have had in my career life concerns that I have ably achieved many things, however, my rigidity and too demanding nature have made me lose out on some few networks in my line of work because I am considered as a very strict person.

To this effect, I ensure that I always relieve myself of stress which might cause my rigidity and also ensure that I have no worries about what others do, so long as respect at both personal and work levels are depicted. Need a paper on the same topic? We will write it for you from scratch!

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And with the help of this post about professional strengths and weaknesses you will learn how to do. Writing down your strengths and weaknesses will become a big challenge if you’re thinking that your weaknesses will lessen your chances to land a job. For this problem, there are tips that your Resume Writing Service would like to tell you if you want to mention your strengths and weaknesses in the most effective way.

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Using Your Cover Letter To Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths By: Heather Eagar When applying for a new job, it can sometimes be difficult to explain a huge gap in employment, or lack of relevant employment, when all you have is your resume to do the talking.

Figuring out which strengths and weaknesses to list on a resume is a process, with generic traits like capacity for hard work, making the applicant seem bland, while personality aspects, technical and artistic skills related to the workplace and qualities like adaptability seem novel and interesting.

Channappa. D said: (Nov 16, ): My strengths are, I am a hard working person, and a fast learner, I get along fine with people. My weakness is, Whenever anybody tells something about whatever topic, I suddenly believe people.

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