The creation of the universe the

If galaxies were frozen peas, there would be enough to fill an auditorium the size of the Royal Albert Hall. So how was this unimaginably giant Universe created? For centuries scientists thought the Universe always existed in a largely unchanged form, run like clockwork thanks to the laws of physics.

The creation of the universe the

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Can you hear me? According to the Boshongo people of central Africa, in the beginning, there was only darkness, water, and the great god Bumba. One day Bumba, in pain from a stomach ache, vomited up the sun.

The sun dried up some of the water, leaving land.

The creation of the universe the

Still in pain, Bumba vomited up the moon, the stars, and then some animals. The leopard, the crocodile, the turtle, and finally, man. This creation myth, like many others, tries to answer the questions we all ask. Why are we here? Where did we come from? The answer generally given was that humans were of comparatively recent origin, because it must have been obvious, even at early times, that the human race was improving in knowledge and technology.

So it can't have been around that long, or it would have progressed even more. For example, according to Bishop Usher, the Book of Genesis placed the creation of the world at 9 in the morning on October the 27th, 4, BC. On the other hand, the physical surroundings, like mountains and rivers, change very little in a human lifetime.

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They were therefore thought to be a constant background, and either to have existed forever as an empty landscape, or to have been created at the same time as the humans. Not everyone, however, was happy with the idea that the universe had a beginning. For example, Aristotle, the most famous of the Greek philosophers, believed the universe had existed forever.

Something eternal is more perfect than something created. He suggested the reason we see progress was that floods, or other natural disasters, had repeatedly set civilization back to the beginning.

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The motivation for believing in an eternal universe was the desire to avoid invoking divine intervention to create the universe and set it going. Conversely, those who believed the universe had a beginning, used it as an argument for the existence of God as the first cause, or prime mover, of the universe.

If one believed that the universe had a beginning, the obvious question was what happened before the beginning? What was God doing before He made the world? Was He preparing Hell for people who asked such questions? The problem of whether or not the universe had a beginning was a great concern to the German philosopher, Immanuel Kant.

He felt there were logical contradictions, or antimonies, either way.

The creation of the universe the

If the universe had a beginning, why did it wait an infinite time before it began? He called that the thesis. On the other hand, if the universe had existed for ever, why did it take an infinite time to reach the present stage?

He called that the antithesis. Both the thesis and the antithesis depended on Kant's assumption, along with almost everyone else, that time was Absolute.Creationist Views of the Origin of the Universe, Earth, and Life Many religious persons, including many scientists, hold that God created the universe and the various processes driving physical and biological evolution and that these processes then resulted in the creation of galaxies, our solar system, and life on Earth.

Bible verses about Universe. By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been.

The prevailing model for the evolution of the Universe is the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang model states that the earliest state of the Universe was an extremely hot and dense one, and that the Universe subsequently expanded and kaja-net.comer: Unknown. Diameter of the observable universe: ×10²⁶ m ( Gpc or 93 Gly).

If creation were not true—if the universe had no designer—then why should gravity obey such a simple, logical formula? For that matter, why should gravity obey any formula at all?

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The law of gravity suggests a law-giver; it is consistent with creation. - Creation of the Universe Debate First, the universe was created with the Big Bang or it was God who stuck the much. In other words, the universe was created by God or the science events.

The theory that God created the universe is Cosmological argument and it is also known as the fist cause argument. The conclusion reached by scientists and philosophers searching for answers with their intellects and common sense is that the structure and order of this universe are one of the evidences of the existence of Almighty Allah, the supreme Creator ruling over .

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