Points for great expectations

UIowa Great Expectations begins when a boy named Pip encounters an escaped convict in a graveyard.

Points for great expectations

Fewer distractions mean more attention focused on the intended task. But beyond limiting distracting behaviors, effective rules and procedures can ensure that student energies are appropriately directed towards maximizing positive behaviors. We want our rules to show students both what to do and what not to do, so they have a clear framework of expectations to reference.

Categories of Rules So what rules should you establish in your classroom? They must be simple. Also, those few rules you end up producing should themselves be phrased in simple and easily understood terms.

This likely means that your rules will be broad in scope, balancing that line between being specific enough to be black-and-white, while broad enough to be applied to multiple circumstances.

The students need as much clarity as possible for what they ought or ought not to do. One simple way to address multiple rules is to break them down into easily distinguishable categories. Some teachers like to distinguish between academic and behavior expectations.

Academic expectations relate to how students ought to conduct themselves related to learning, homework, class activities, and so on. Behavioral expectations relate to how students interact with one another and contribute to a space where everyone can learn and feel safe.

Or instead of focusing on academics and behaviors, sometimes categories are best broken down by location. Some teachers might prefer to have rules for the classroom, hallway, self, others, and environment might make good umbrella rules that relate to many essentials in the classroom.

What you establish should be what works best for you and your students. Think through what will help you run your classroom in a manner that maximizes the positives and the learning.

The truth is that students do not learn what's announced; they learn what they are taught.

Points for great expectations

Would you expect your students to learn the quadratic formula just by announcing it one day or hanging a poster somewhere? Remember that expectations are taught, not passively absorbed. So how can we teach students to behave in ways that maximize their learning and the success of the total environment?

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After introducing students to the rules and expectations, make sure that they are displayed in a manner that can be easily viewed and referenced. A large, colorful poster in an easy-to-see place in the classroom will work well.

But beyond just the introduction and posters, the most effective way to teach your expectations is to reinforce them in context. As situations come up that require abidance by certain procedures or expectations, make sure to verbally indicate this to students.

If students do not follow the expectations, take a moment right then and there to remind them in a respectful way of what the expectation is. If teachers do this throughout the year, but especially early on, it can actually increase the amount of time dedicated to classroom instruction and dedicated learning.

The opposite is true, too: If you expect students to think, speak, act, and interact in certain ways, make sure that you exemplify these characteristics. You leave me no choice but to … ask you nicely again. But other more immediate and tangible methods for consequence must be established as well.Get an answer for 'What are some of the important events in Great Expectations?' and find homework help for other Great Expectations questions at eNotes.

Get an answer for 'What is the point of view of Great Expectations?' and find homework help for other Great Expectations questions at eNotes. A short summary of Charles Dickens's Great Expectations. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Great Expectations.

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Nov 30,  · This adaptation of Great Expectations did enchant me at some points. There was a definite highlight in the relationship between Magwitch (played by Fiennes)and Pip (Irvine)/10(11K).

Well, someone needs to tell the adults of Great Expectations, because, for the most part, they seem to see children as l Lies and Deceit (Click the themes infographic to download.). As the character Jack states early in “Lord of the Flies,” “We’ve got to have rules and obey them.

After all, we’re not savages.” Of course, this novel eventually presents an absolute worst-case scenario we would never want our classrooms to devolve into.

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