Mini storage business plans

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Mini storage business plans

How can you make your facility stand out more than the facilities of your competitors?

Scott Meyers - How to Create a Self Storage Business Plan

Anyone can provide someone with a storage shed that has some space and a locked door. What makes your self storage facility different than all of the others? Use Social Media To Network Use your social media pages to connect to other businesses online so that you can all begin working together to drive traffic.

Run Regular Contests Get people involved with your business by hosting a local contest that offers a prize of a free month of storage. Talk to the Movers Moving companies have a unique need for storage help because not every job goes off as planned.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade Every industry revolves around value and those who provide the most value win the most customers.

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Put in a secured fence around your property. Put air conditioning into your storage units. Partner Up Create your own offline affiliate program by speaking to the property management, real estate, and moving companies in your area about your services.

mini storage business plans

Create a Loyalty Program Customers love a good referral program because it allows them to earn their way into free products or services that they find valuable. How you structure a loyalty program should encompass all of your marketing efforts, so reward people for liking your Facebook page or giving you a positive online review.

Put Your Service Out There Big ticket items are a tough sell sometimes unless there is added value to the purchase for a customer. Talk to furniture stores, car dealerships, and even electronics outlets about offering a free month of service for their customers who make a minimum purchase with them.

Get Involved With the Schools Sometimes the best marketing plans are about providing value to the local community in some way, like providing a needed classroom resource. Create a contest for your local district and have the students create a modern self storage facility or demonstrate their own storage skills in some way.

The winner gets the resource for their classroom, local recognition, and your business gets lots of good press. Talk with a local business that gets involved with your community and offer to pay them to put your coupons, discounts, or flyers on their products.

Use Groupon… Wisely Groupon can drive a lot of traffic your way and that can be a good thing, but only if you have a follow-up plan in place.

Dozens of people queued up to wait in line for hours and sometimes days for the product. Be a Venue There are a number of churches, schools, and non-profit programs that need a location for a fundraiser and your self storage facility has a lot of space, right?

Optimize, Optimize, Optimize Having a way to book your services through a mobile device will help you target the demographic that is always on the go. Hold a Yard Sale Stuff is good, but money is better.Advertise your real estate business, deals, financing & more.

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Goals, Business Plans & Entities 24K Posts K Discussions; Real Estate Technology and the Internet. Realistic ROI from self storage facilities. 20 Replies Log in or sign up to reply. A longtime 23rd Street business owner wants to expand upon the trend of self-storage businesses along the corridor.

But his plan has a twist. Instead of just renting a unit, you could actually own. Steps to Start a Cold Storage Business Here is a step-by step procedure that you can follow to start your own cold storage business: Determine which industry or industries in your area need cold storage and how much of these need s have already been supplied.

To design your steel storage building or mini warehouse, look no further than Olympia Steel Buildings for quality work and friendly customer service.


As a mini-storage facility owner or manager, we understand your building must meet or exceed industry standards for . We offer SBA 7a and loan programs for new construction or the purchase of an existing self storage property, funding a variety of business needs including fixed asset purchases, business expansion and permanent working capital, start-up business expenses and the refinance of existing debt.

A Butler Self-Storage Building System delivers superior building performance and protection to maximize return-on-investment for self-storage business owners.

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