Maintenance and aftercare

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Maintenance and aftercare

Select Page Maintenance and Aftercare Wood floors are easy to care for, and if cared for correctly will last a lifetime. Unlike other floor coverings, wood floors do not trap dust, dirt and grime into its surface, allowing easy clean up to be less of a health concern. A nice flat sanded wood floor, can become one of the healthiest floor coverings, along with the fact that wood, is a natural air purifier.


We are going to talk about how to care for your wood floor, after new installation or refinishing. For the sake of this article, we are going to break it into 3 sections, Environmental conditions, Protection, and Cleaning.

Please read Maintenance and aftercare to learn about caring for your wood floor.

Maintenance and aftercare

Environmental Conditions Wood is hygroscopic. The higher the temperature, the higher impact the relative humidity will have on the wood species. We have to consider humidity, and water as they are the 1 cause of flooring failures, and floors that become wrecked before their time.

If proper relative humidity and temperature are maintained in the home, a properly installed wood floor should last a lifetime. Fortunately for us, wood loves to live in Maintenance and aftercare same environment that most humans enjoy.

Wood is most stable in an environment that is degrees, and always maintaining this can guarantee long term success of a wood floor.

Due to the higher moisture and rain we have in our area, we may not always be able to meet these guidelines. The important factors to remember are maintaining consistency.

Crawl spaces should be checked annually and after any times of over excessive moisture. Wood floors have moisture retarder products installed between the flooring and the subfloor, but these products are meant to only slow the flow of moisture thru the materials, not prevent it.

A prevention of airflow, can start to cause rot on the bottom of the wood flooring, and in the crawl space.

Maintenance and aftercare

Any standing water in a crawl space, can devistate a wood floor. Alterations to landscape near the home should always be designed with care, to not redirect the flow of water to the foundation of the home.

Modifications that are done carelessly, can create moisture problems underneith the home, and ultimately have a negative impact on the wood floor, and other materials within the home.

Protection The floor finishes we use are top shelf, but it is still a good idea to use area rugs, mats, and felt feet on all your furniture that will sit on the wood floor. Entrances to the residence should have a floor mat on the outside and right inside, to protect the floor from dirt and debri on our shoes as we enter the home.

Area rugs should be used in sitting areas, and areas where children or animals may play. With the exception of our waterborne oil modified urethane, our coatings are designed to never change colors due to uv light, but some wood species in general will alter their own chemistry and change appearance.

All furniture needs to have felt installed on the feet of the item. This prevents the item from indenting, and sliding creating unsightly scratching and damage. A generally rule, after a refinish is to allow the coating to cure a minimum of over 1 night to walk on it, a minimum of 3 days to put furniture back, and a minimum of 7 days to recover with mats and area rugs.

Cleaning There are many myths and bad directions on how to properly clean a wood floor all over the internet.

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I want you to be successful at cleaning your new floor, as well as maintaining the clarity and integrity of the finish for years to come. Stay away from polishes, refreshers, or any waxes. Unfortunately, our local superstores have shelves full of wood floor cleaning products, but none of them are recommended.

These items tend to leave behind a film on the floor, that may leave your floor looking good at that time, but they as the film builds, it tends to change the sheen and contaminate the floor. Ultimately, this creates a floor that becomes inelegible for a dustless recoat, and will require a refinish sooner.

Vinegar and water, is a terrible cleaner to use on wood floors. The acid in vinegar will eat the finish overtime. It also smells bad.Maintenance and Aftercare Wood floors are easy to care for, and if cared for correctly will last a lifetime.

Unlike other floor coverings, wood floors do not trap dust, dirt and grime into its surface, allowing easy clean up to be less of a health concern. Proper aftercare of a new tattoo is crucial. Here's how to clean and treat your tattoo for the first few weeks to keep it vibrant for many years.

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