How to become a writer

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How to become a writer

The following is an excerpt from Extreme Fear: Extreme Fear explores the neural underpinnings of this powerful and primitive emotion by relating instances in which people were forced to act under duress and presenting the latest findings from cognitive science.

In the following passage from the chapter entitled "Superhuman" a seemingly ordinary man performs an extraordinary feat of strength to rescue a cyclist who has been run over by a car. Here's how it is: And the next you're sucked into a vivid, intense world, where time seems to move slower, colors are brighter, sounds more perceptible, as though the whole universe has suddenly come into focus.

It was about 8: The Camaro ahead of them hit the gas, spun his wheels, and jerked out onto the avenue with a squeal of rubber. A bike, folded up from impact. The Camaro had hit a cyclist, and the rider was pinned underneath the car. Boyle threw open the door of the truck and started running after the car.

For a few gruesome seconds, the Camaro plunged on, dragging along the rider, year-old Kyle Holtrust, with it. One of Holtrust's legs was pinned between chassis of the car and the frame of his bike, the other jammed between the bike and the asphalt.

After 20 or 30 feet, the Camaro slowed and stopped. Holtrust screamed in agony, pounding on the side of the car with his free hand. Without stopping to think, Boyle reached under the frame of the car and lifted.

Become the Writer

With a sound of groaning metal, the chassis eased upward a few inches. Boyle braced himself, took a deep breath, and heaved. The front end lifted a few more inches. At last, about 45 seconds after he'd first heaved the car upward, Boyle set it back down. The biker was badly hurt, in a lot of pain, and frightened.

How to Become a Writer: Where to Start

Blood was pouring out of his wounds. Boyle knelt down and wrapped the young man in his arms, comforting him until the police and fire department arrived.

The local media celebrated Boyle's feat of compassion. The YMCA gave him an award. Newspapers and TV stations interviewed him. The fanfare flattered him and he felt extremely proud of himself. Yet to this day there's something about that evening that he can't figure out. It's no mystery to him why he did what he did—"I would be such a horrible human being to watch someone suffer like that and not even try to help," he says—but he can't quite figure out how.

How to become a writer

Boyle, it should be pointed out, is no pantywaist. He carries pounds on a six-foot-four-inch frame.A few years back a friend of mine took me out to eat with several recent college graduates.

As soon as I was introduced as a novelist, the cheerful, sangria-fueled table stopped chattering as my.

From Genius to Madness

If you want to become a writer but feel uncertain how to begin, you are not alone. Writing, and especially fiction writing, can seem like a mysterious art, even to those who practice it. So if you're starting from nowhere, it may take some work to convince yourself you can do it.

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How to become a writer

I’m an non-fiction writer and author, and I live an hour outside Dublin in Ireland. As well as blogging, I write non-fiction books and create practical courses for new writers.

Creating content for your course

I want to help you become a successful writer, build your authority and earn more money. Don’t start a book with a dream.

This has become one of those bits of writing advice that has passed into legend, right along with “show, don’t tell” and “write what you know.”.

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