Evaluate the significance of agrippinas marriages

This was arranged by Tiberius as was the standard practice in Rome. He died while she was in exile. Importance He gave her status as a married woman. It gave her a son — Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus later called Nero who was born 9 months after the death of Tiberius.

Evaluate the significance of agrippinas marriages

Domitius himself held the office of consul in AD 32, and unusually was allowed to hold the office for an entire year Suetonius presents a most colourful description of Domitius, suggesting that he: This marriage provides her with the wealth to support her background Strategically, she was under the radar when Mesallina started scheming — this was a close call as her Evaluate the significance of agrippinas marriages Livilla was caught up in the scheming and was eventually exiled for a second time.

Sources portray Passienus as an intelligent, genial man, who was not afraid to say what he felt, as according to Barrett: Agrippina seemed to disappear from the sources until just before the fall of Messalina. Third Marriage — Claudius Her ability to navigate and survive the dangerous course of her brother Caligula demonstrates her ability to persuade people to her cause — she had a strong character The Reign of Claudius provided her with the stability to truly promote her own place in society but more importantly, her sons.

Significance of her child being a potential heir to the Julio-Claudian dynasty The birth of her son had increased her prestige but it also marked the birth of an ambition that would come to dominate her future career — the elevation of her son to princeps.

Points of Analysis Agrippina now had a vested Political interest in the dynasty beyond her own survive and personal advanced. She was nothing if not an astute observer of human nature.

She used her influence and her considerable talents to cultivate and bend people to her will. Dudley suggests Agrippina was guided by 3 main aims: To draw political power into her own hands To advance her son Nero to the Principate To remove those who stood in her way Reasons for these aims include: Many members of her immediate family had been imprisoned, exiled or killed As descendant of Augustus, daughter of Germanicus, mother to the only direct male descendant of her illustrious family she may have felt entitled to her share of the power in the dynasty 3.

Evaluate the significance of agrippinas marriages

Career Basis of her power and influence; patronage Limited by her gender, Agrippina achieved much of her political power through patron-client relationships. Seneca In 49, Agrippina used her influence over Claudius to recall Seneca from exile and give him the position of praetor She wanted him to tutor her son.

Burrus Ensured her support from the Praetorian Guard Burrus was made sole praetorian prefect in In return, Agrippina advanced members of his family, such as his brother Felix to Procurator of Judaea.

The family of Germanicus had been reduced to Drusilla, Livilla, Agrippina, and Gaius who was now living with the Emperor Tiberius on the island of Capri. In late AD 37, Agrippina gave birth to her only son, Nero.

The astrologer, Thrasyllus, is alleged to have said at the time that Nero would rule Rome but would kill his mother. Gaius quickly established his popularity: He granted bounties to the troops.

He staged gladiatorial shows in Rome. He travelled to Pandateria and Pontia, the island exiles of his mother and brother, and brought their ashes back to Rome. He was unable to locate the remains of Drusus but erected a cenotaph in his honour. In addition to honouring his parents and his late brothers, Gaius had his uncle, Claudius, the brother of Germanicus, appointed as consul.

Special honours were granted to his grandmother, Antonia. Gaius showered his sisters with honours. Gaius was ashamed of the poor birth of his grandfather, Agrippa.

One of his first acts was to bring into prominence the position of his 3 sisters by giving them unprecedented constitutional status. In a series of measures, the 3 sisters were: Made honorary Vestal Virgins — highest public position a female can obtain Given seats in the imperial enclosure at games Included in the annual vows of allegiance to the emperor: It is claimed that he lived with Drusilla as a wife although she was already married.

Interestingly, when Gaius ill in AD 37, he considered making Drusilla his heir, and when he died the following year, he had her deified.

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Afterwards he was never the same and his reign now becomes associated with words such as megalomania, tyranny and paranoia. Drusilla died in Drusilla was deified and was now known as Panthea, the universal goddess. A temple was dedicated to her and games staged to celebrate her birthday. In late 39, Gaius and his wife Milonia gave birth to a daughter, called Julia Drusilla.

Then came the conspiracy of The precise details of the alleged conspiracy have always been confused and the relationships of those involved — Lepidus, Gaetulicus, Agrippina, Livilla — far from clear. In 39 Gaius went to Germany and had the legate of Upper Germany, Gaetulicus, arrested and executed — either he was involved in a plot against the emperor, or simply incompetent.

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The next name dragged into the story was that of Lepidus. Gaius accused all three of immoral behaviour — and then of conspiracy. Did Lepidus see himself as a successor to Gaius who had been very ill?

A link with a Julian princess such as Agrippina would do him no harm.Common values, however, can be a deal breaker. If one spouse values a simple lifestyle and the other values accumulating wealth, it doesn’t matter how well they communicate, their basic life orientation will present constant opportunities for conflict.

Points of Analysis about Agrippina’s Marriages. Underlines significance of family background and status; Made her extremely wealthy; Evaluate the significance of Agrippina’s marriages in her rise to prominence.

(15) Dux College Bondi Junction. Level 1, Oxford St. Bondi Junction, NSW Points of Analysis about Agrippina’s Marriages. Underlines significance of family background and status; Evaluate the significance of Agrippina’s marriages in her rise to prominence.

(15) Dux College Bondi Junction. Level 1, Oxford St. Bondi Junction, NSW Evaluate the Significance of Agrippina's Marriages in Her Rise to kaja-net.comina the Youngers three marriages were significant in her rise to prominence as they all served her political advancement; protection from enemies, fortune and eventually, power in politics.

Home Essays Evaluate the Significance Evaluate the Significance of Agrippina’s Marriages in Her Rise to Prominence Agrippina’s marriages were an integral part of her ascension to prominence and power, providing her with the means with which to carry out her ambitions and machinations.

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