Aboriginal short essay 1

Struggling to Escape a Legacy of Oppression Aboriginal people have a long and proud history that includes rich cultural and spiritual traditions.

Aboriginal short essay 1

More Essay Examples on Australia Rubric 2. Their clothing depended on the climate of the geographical location. In places where the climate was cold, they used to build semi permanent houses[5].

Aboriginal short essay 1

However, as much as they were different, they used to hold common believes. They referred to their beginning as Dreamtime and believed that their ancestors who had supernatural powers were responsible for creating the world natural features.

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These natural features became sacred places where religious ceremonies held. They used to express their religious beliefs differently depending on their locality but most of them used body paintings as a means of expression[6].

Their communities were organized in to clans and their land was communally owned. Since their main economic activity was hunting and gathering, men had the responsibility of killing the larger animals while women used to gather the small animals[7].

As a result, they used to feed on a healthy diet as they had identified a variety of plants to be eaten and the poisonous ones were used as medicine. Apart from hunting and gathering, their lives were characterized by artistic activities like songs and dances especially as a means of expressing their religion.

Their music which was usually accompanied by one of their most famous music instrument known as Aboriginal didgeridoo used mainly to Aboriginal short essay 1 their ancestors.

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Similarly, their dance which used to mimic animal movements was a means of communication between them and their ancestors. The rock paintings also described their way of life as well as their[8]. Much of their weapons and paintings have been preserved even today. Their way of life was normal and continued as such until the arrival of Englishmen who greatly affected them.

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Since their culture was too complex for the Englishmen, they regarded them as primitive, killed some of them and turned Australia in to a convict colony[9]. Those who were forced to assimilate became marginalized and due to exposure of harsh conditions and diseases, the population decreased and some of the tribes became extinct.

In the beginning of the 20th century, new laws were established that inhibited the aboriginals from owning property and seeking employment resulting to further marginalization.

More to that, mothers were not allowed to remain with their children incase it was suspected that the father was a white. Such children were reared in foster homes and came to be known as the stolen generation.

However, after various conflicts during different eras, much of their rights have now been granted and they are a group of people in the world who have the oldest continuous culture[10]. Their misery started after the European settlement in up to s. Their land was taken away and they were killed through poisoning and shooting.

They became hopeless as the whites who regarded them as a people without culture or humanity took dominion over the whole population. Since they did not have much to do, they accepted the defeat and as a result they not only lost their culture but also their land, languages and some of their traditions[11].

The period between s and S is referred to as the protection or the segregation era especially due to the fact that a Protection Policy was established[12]. This policy enabled the Chief Protector of Aborigines to become the legal guardian of the whole population and their children from birth until they achieved the age of sixteen.

At this particular period, the Aboriginals were only being issued with enough food for their survival. In addition, segregation became rampant as they used to live in isolation.

Their children were not allowed to attend the state schools.

Aboriginal short essay 1

Their status was defined by an act of parliament and thus only those people who had exemption papers were considered free. All the originals under the Protection Policy were denied various privileges and rights such as the right to vote. None of them had the right to drink or live with a non Aboriginals expect by permission from the Chief Protector.

However, they passively resisted domination by the whites and continued to struggle for equality in order to overcome poor health, lack of employment and poor housing[13].

Closely following the protection period was the assimilation era during which the government decided to raise the status of Aboriginals to enable them enjoy equal rights with the other ordinary citizens[14].

It was however still not possible for the aboriginals to obtain equality because they did not receive equal opportunities with the whites and also due to the fact that they were paid less than the whites. Moreover, their efforts were not recognized during the Second World War as well as during the booming cattle industry.

As much as it was past the protection era, their children were still being taken away from them and made to adopt the lifestyle of the whites[16]. The era of assimilation came to an end after the establishment of the integration policy in the year after a Common Wealth Conference for Aboriginal Policies[17].The Europeans began to settle Australia on the 26th of January as a convict colony in At this time, Aboriginals had already inhabited the land for 50, or more years.

In , there were an estimated , Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living in Australia (kaja-net.com /5(8). Non-Aboriginal people cannot fulfill their treaty responsibilities, work for justice or interact respectfully with Aboriginal people if they do not understand the history of relations between their peoples or the basics of Aboriginal cultures.

Jenny Laureano- student number Assessment 2 - Report HLTHIRD – Work effectively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Nursing is a profession where you will be dealing with people from all walks of life.

All types of different religions, cultures and nationalities. This essay investigates the significance of the referendum. A printable copy of this essay with full bibliography can be downloaded here.. The Referendum question on Aborigines arose in a time of growing awareness for indigenous issues both in Australia and worldwide.

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Abstract Australian Aboriginal people generally refer to the indigenous population that occupied the continent of Australia - Australian Aboriginal people introduction. They are believed to have migrated from Asia more that forty thousand years ago and were about five hundred to six hundred groups that used to speak about distinct dialects .

Free aboriginal people papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays - Health care inequities for Aboriginal women There are million Aboriginal peoples living in Canada as of and , of them are women (Statistics Canada, ; Dion Stout et al, ).

More than half live in urban centres.

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