A comparison of two candidates for governor democratic nominee phil bredesen and republican nominee

Ronald Leave a comment If the Republican Party, somehow, holds on to majority control of the House of Representatives in the th Congress, they will need to select a new Speaker of the House, as Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is leaving Congress at the end of this year.

A comparison of two candidates for governor democratic nominee phil bredesen and republican nominee

Mary Landrieu the exit by a point margin.

A comparison of two candidates for governor democratic nominee phil bredesen and republican nominee

So, how significant is her defeat? Well, for starters, a Republican will occupy her seat for the first time in years—and her defeat only leaves two statewide offices in Democratic hands. Landrieu gave her farewell address on Dec. The problem Southern Democrats had is that many of their elected officials adopted more liberal voting records over the past decade, giving up their unique, centrist brands.

The Almanac of American Politics collects 12 key votes for each Congress. A Northern liberal like Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts aligned with a conservative like Jon Kyl of Arizona on just one of these 12 votes. Mary Landrieu, however, voted with Kyl on five, while John Breaux of Louisiana voted with him on eight.

Perhaps more importantly, the votes that these Democrats cast with Kyl tended to be on the most crucial issues: The differences tended to come on issues where the Democratic position was broadly popular or of low salience: Mary Landrieu voted with Jon Kyl on only two of the key votes, while Pryor voted with him on four.

Hagan voted with Kyl on three. What had kept Southern Democrats in the game for so long was that, on popular, major items, they tended to vote like Republicans. There are no permanent majorities in politics.

An unpopular Republican president would move the needle. A Democratic fundraising base that chose not to go nuclear on a Democratic candidate who opposed Obamacare or the stimulus would have done it.

The voters who elected Phil Bredesen governor of Tennessee by 40 points are largely still around, as are the people who elected Mike Beebe governor of Arkansas by 30 points in and 14 points in The same goes for the folks who sent Landrieu and Hagan back to the Senate inor Blanche Lincoln in The people who elected a swath of moderate-to-conservative Democrats in and are still there.

The party just has to try to appeal to them, or at least give more latitude to its candidates to appeal to them, as Rahm Emanuel did in We shall see if Democrats want to make that happen south of the Mason-Dixon line. Chris Reeves Better comparison, perhaps: At left is Landrieu's last runoff win inby 3 points.

At right is tonight's result pic.The surveys show Democratic kaja-net.comn Sinema and former Gov. Phil Bredesen leading their Republican opponents for open seats Arizona and Tennessee, where sitting Republican senators are .

The ballot will feature races for governor (Democrat Karl Dean and Republican Bill Lee), U.S. House (Democrat Dawn Barlow and Republican John Rose) and U.S.

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Senate (Democrat Phil Bredesen and Republican Marsha Blackburn). Phil Bredesen, the newly anointed Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, is relying on Republicans in his latest campaign ad. “A lot of Trump supporters are also Phil Bredesen supporters,” conservative political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes says in a clip included in the ad.

Bill Lee, the Republican nominee to be Tennessee’s next governor, appeared in Hartsville on Thursday as part of his pledge to visit each of the state’s 95 counties before Election Day.

The Dems have managed the most favorable match-up imaginable, as mentioned, with popular former Democratic Governor Phil Bredesen likely taking on Representative Marsha Blackburn, a flame-throwing, hard hard-right conservative.

CO-Gov/CO-LG: Republican gubernatorial nominee State Treasurer Walker Stapleton (R) has selected state Rep. Lang Sias (R) to be his running mate. Sias is a former Navy pilot who has served two terms in the state House and is a former Democrat who switched parties in the early s.

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